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The 4th Regional CIS Conference with the theme: Sytemization of Fintech Disruption in Africa, will be the forum to showcase new approaches to the application of alternative data, on one hand, and credit history information on the other, in lending decisions.

We will debate the sustainability/scalability of the fintech evolution, and examine the inhibitions of exclusive use of traditional CIS systems or alternative data in credit risk management and the response of credit bureaus in the continent to leverage on this revolution and bridge the gap.

The timing of this year’s Conference is noteworthy considering that;

  •  Fintechs are mushrooming and exciting the credit market, provoking debate on the robustness of their analytical methodologies, sustainability of their business models, and adequacy of their consumer protection practices
  • Kenya is gearing up for unprecedented financial market conduct reforms that are bound to set the pace for transformation of credit market regulation across Africa.
  • We anticipate, in the near future, new legislation on data protection and credit guarantee fund that will radically change the face of the credit market in Kenya.

This business-focused course will cover:

  • a high level introduction to credit risk management,
  • detailed end-to-end methodology training for risk scorecard development for retail and SME portfolios,
  • discussions on scorecard implementation and risk strategy development, and scorecard and portfolio management reporting.

The focus of the course will be on the development of application scorecards, but issues relating to behaviour scorecard development will also be explored. Issues relevant to Basel II will also be covered.

There is no SAS programming or exercises in this course.

These objectives are reflected in the following three main sections of the course: 

Introduction to Credit Risk : Attendees will get a high level overview of the credit risk industry, risk management tools and strategies. They will understand the different uses of credit risk scorecards, and learn industry terminology. (1 hour)

Risk Scorecard Development : Attendees will learn how grouped variable, points based credit risk scorecards are developed, from the planning stages to delivery. While the main focus will be on business issues, statistical aspects of scorecard development will also be explored. (1.5 days)

Implementation and Maintenance : This will cover post development activities including setting cutoffs, strategy development and scorecard maintenance reports. (4 hours)

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